Exceed fitness annual membership fee $50

Membership period

Annual membership is available from 1 July each year, and all memberships expire on 30 June each year.


Exceed fitness membership divisions

As of the first of July 2014, Exceed will now be divided in two divisions: the triathlon division and the non-triathlon division.

If you have an interest in the sport of triathlon, i.e. if you are competing in triathlon (even occasionally) or if you are training with the goal to participate in a triathlon, it is required that you choose the Triathlon division (Please note that check will be made with Triathlon ACT).

As part of the affiliation with Triathlon Australia and Triathlon ACT, all the members belonging to the Triathlon division will now be required to become an annual member of Triathlon Australia (TA annual membership are available from $5/year). For more information about the different TA membership option, please check the Triathlon Australia website.